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Australian Owned, Competitive & Willing, Committed to Reaching Goals, a Company whose reputation is growing through word of mouth, evidenced in how we complete work and conduct ourselves on and off the field. We partner businesses to assist them meet their obligations and their goals in a friendly collaborative manner. Our growth in partnering with business relies on our reliability & reputation.

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Mobile Testing Laboratory

All items being inspected or tested remain on your work site.

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Lifting Tackle

Experienced competent field inspectors - handling your equipment and inquires, ready to streamline your inspection and testing needs.

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Personal Protective Equipment

New flexible tagging: be a part of a trial as we establish the most robust.

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Vital for Unique Item Numbers, Serial Numbers, Safety Instructions.

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Trial Tags

Still to be tested in the Field, flexible, more likely to be comfortable when attached to PPE - not hard plastic

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Accreditation services have been aligned with industry sectors rather than using traditional field or program approach.

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what we do

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Fully Equipped trailers; this one has horizontal & vertical proof test benches.Inspection Trailers are separate from other operational areas, trailer location and work area determined by site manager

SWMS conducted daily and as necessary; inspectors are easily accessed, items can be picked up as soon as inspections and or testing are complete

As regulations demand, tagging, inspection and testing is required. AusOnsite intends to collaborate with Clients, with End Users before implementing any specific new tag system.

At a location: Organised, efficient, observable, no short cutting, full examination, test and repair onsite – returning items back into service ASAP

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The Technical Manager

will be at the coalface along with the Lead Inspector attending to your inspection and testing needs Twelve Years shared Experience In Inspection and Testing Experience in the Field with Power Industry Equipment


Danny Miles Independent Contractor

We have found Australian Onsite Services staff to be resourceful, reliable, the inspection, testing and repair of any items is conducted within a few hours unless the item has been found faulty. The quick turnaround makes it possible for our staff to get back in the field with their tools with as little disruption as possible.

Adam Brand

It’s handy having the data on an excel document so we can see the items inspected, the number of repairs, the items found unserviceable and needing to be taken out of service, the reasons why they failed inspection and the items that were scheduled but not presented for inspection. We can do our own analysis on this data to look for trends, item types that have a history of requiring repair down to the sites that have the greatest issues.

Anon - Power Company Representative

We’ve been happy with the service.

Kirk Simmon

We are happy to extend the contract.

Jack Tait

We ask questions of the lead inspector and he gets back to us.

Anon - Power Company Rep

It’s handy having the data on an excel. That means we can see the items inspected, the number of repairs, the items found unserviceable and needing to be taken out of service. The reasons for those decisions are made clear. We also appreciate having a list of items due for inspection but not presented. Because we have the detail on excel we can do our own analysis to look for trends, item types and models that require more repair costs and any issues related to specific sites.

A. B. Aussiefast

Easy to work with, friendly and follows up with any queries.