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NATA National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA)

Facilities: Type C Inspection Body
Australian On-site Services Pty Ltd complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17020 (2012)
Accreditation No: 19880

Australian On-site Services Pty Ltd
Mobile: Unit Inspection Service
CONTACT: Mr Justin van Putten
MOBILE: 0409 423 119
FACILITIES: Type C Inspection Body

Lifting and lifted equipment

In-service inspection comprising structural and operational integrity (excluding associated electrics,electronics, hydraulics and/or pneumatics)

  1. Lifting devices Codes(s): In-house procedures covering relevant Australian Standards,similar industry standards and client specification Lifting devices limited to lever hoists, chain blocks, sheave blocks, snatch blocks, winches, lifting beams, lifting frames and spreader beams, beam and girder clamps Including proof testing of lifting gear to the maximum working load limit (in the range of 1kN to 200kN)
  2. Rigging Code(s):In-house procedures covering relevant Australian Standards, similar industry standards and client specification Rigging including natural and synthetic fibre rope, chain, chain slings, flat and round webbing slings, wire rope slings, braided wire rope slings
  3. Rigging Components Code(s):In-house procedures covering relevant Australian Standards, similar industry standards and client specifications Rigging components including riggings screws, turnbuckles, eyebolts, shackles, plate clamps, swivels, hooks, links and other terminal devices and attachments
  4. Fall arrest systems Code(s): In-house procedures covering relevant Australian Standards, similar industry standards and client specifications Fall arrest systems limited to harnesses, lanyards and inertia reels and their associated terminal fittings

Accreditation services have been aligned with industry sectors rather than using traditional field or program approach. In the coming months NATA is to implement an Accreditation Information Management System (AIMS) and Uniform Scope of Accreditation. The following Scope of Accreditation will be reformatted, the documentation will continue to relate to the criteria for accreditation and will be implemented late 2017 early 2018. This will create a new database for scopes of accreditation, improved stability of NATA IT data system, improve management and integrity of information maintained, will improve the expression of scopes of accreditation and the search-ability of that information for clients and members.

The development of the new database with a tabular presentation for scopes of accreditation, and a move away from the existing classes and subclasses of tests (or related activities), was considered necessary:
  • to introduce a uniform presentation across all fields and programs;
  • to improve clarity of the information on the activities covered by accreditation for members, their clients and other stakeholders;
  • to improve the consistency of the information presented, especially within fields/programs and for the same activity
  • to improve the search function on the NATA website as mentioned above;
  • to allow one scope to be issued for facilities accredited in more than one area should this be requested.

The new scopes of accreditation will now include up to 9 data sets of information.

5 data sets will always be displayed:

− Accreditation Standard (e.g. ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17020, ISO 15189 etc);

− Activity Type (describes the area of testing, calibration, inspection etc which reflect industry groupings);

− Service (broadly describes the testing, calibration, inspection or related process);

− Material/Item/Product (describes what is being tested, calibrated, inspected, etc);

− Determination (describes the parameter/attribute for which the ‘Material/Item/Product’ is being tested, or calibrated, or inspected etc);