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Mobile Testing Laboratory

Advantages of Using Australian Onsite Services

  1. Reports provided on completion of Inspection
  2. Reports can be provided in Excel Spreadsheet
  3. Unserviceable items clearly shown on Reports
  4. Items Withdrawn for Repair are clearly shown
  5. Site Managers can access lists of un-presented items due for inspection

Mobile Testing Laboratory

  1. All items being inspected or tested remain on your work site
  2. Reduced down time and disruption to work schedules
  3. End users have direct contact for scheduling and return of items inspected

Inspections; Annually, 3 Monthly, 6 Monthly
All tagging is easily identifiable, the inspection colour is clearly visible and meets Australian Standards. All personnel can check from these tags when the last inspection was completed.

What we Inspect

Lifting Tackle Activity Type; Infrastructure and Asset Integrity

Examples are not limited to -

  • Shackles
  • Chain Slings
  • Round and flat synthetic slings
  • Ropes
  • Chain and lever blocks
  • Lugalls (webbing, wire)
  • Strand Vices
  • Winches
  • Snatch blocks
  • Wire rope slings
  • Spreader bars
  • Lifting beams

Experienced competent field inspectors - handling your equipment and inquires, ready to streamline your inspection and testing needs

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Harnesses
  • Lanyards
  • Pole straps
  • Anchor straps
  • Fall arrest devices
  • Control decent devices
  • Rescue tripods
  • Ladders

Where comfort counts, make your PPE more comfortable with Flexible Tagging

New flexible tagging: be a part of a trial as we establish the most robust, visual and clear Tagging Options for your PPE gear with ‘Next Inspection Date’

Mobile Inspection Units

At your location:
Organised, efficient, observable, no short cutting, full examination, test and repair onsite – returning items back into service ASAP.

Fully Equipped trailers; with horizontal & vertical proof test benches.

Inspection Trailers are kept separate from other operational areas, trailer location and work area determined by managers or workplace supervisors onsite.

SWMS Safe Work Method Statements are conducted on arrival, daily and as necessary; inspectors are easily accessed, items can be picked up as soon as inspections and or tests are completed.

Inspection Labelling, Marking and Tagging

Tagging: Vital for Unique Item Numbers, Serial Numbers, Safety Instructions AusOnsite Services Tags: Examples - Next Inspection dates, Legible, instructive and robust


As regulations demand, tagging, inspection and testing is required. AusOnsite intends to collaborate with Clients, with End Users before implementing any specific new tag system. To establish the effectiveness of new tags AusOnsite are willing to; Trial options ‘In the Field’.

The implementation will dependent on feedback from end users, from company representatives, in consideration of the effectiveness, and costs of new tagging types.

The introduction and benefits to RFID is not fully established, the tagging methods, and the robustness of the tags currently not established, tagging options are still being evaluated here and Internationally. As the tagging suppliers meet the need AusOnsite will be there.

Flexible Tagging: Where comfort counts, make your PPE more comfortable

Trial Tags: Still to be tested in the Field, flexible, more likely to be comfortable when attached to PPE - not hard plastic