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Mental Health and Wellbeing Services


Fully Qualified, Experienced Registered Psychologist Available to Provide

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We provide support, reassurance, education and psychological counselling to assist employees with psychological issues remain at work or if on sick leave or workcover return to work as soon as possible. The quicker the return to work, the better the outcome for both employer and employee. Employees and sometimes family members can access a limited number of solution focussed sessions to assist with personal or work related issues that may impact on a person’s sense of self and purpose, productivity or attendance at work at no cost to the employee. Employee Assistance Programs are proven to reduce lost work time and productivity, reducing sick leave, time off through workcover claims, turnover of staff, savings on retraining(staff) and(reduction) in business stress.

Quick Response Assistance

We provide a quick response to employees and their employers. This comes when a last minute decision occurs that is likely to impact on employees,

clients or the community. It also is used when a restructure is announced, a significant change in management is implemented, a sudden loss or termination of a popular employee. In most circumstances the quick response is warranted when there is potential that the change in circumstance may have a negative impact on productivity health or wellbeing of staff or resources in your organisation.

Critical Incident Response

This component allows us to provide services to employers following critical incidents. The response time is within 24 to 48 hours. We can assist employers understand the application of psychological first aid in the immediate period following an event followed within a day by the professional support of a trained and qualified critical incident responder. The initial period accommodates employees, clients or the general public seek refuge with their family, with friends for initial support, to remove themselves from the initial incident. The more difficult part comes the next day when returning to work depending on the incident details. Critical response also comes with Manager Assistance, for guidance and support to know what to do and when, what to look out for and how to manage one’s own experience in such a situation.

Stress Management

We all experience stress, some beneficial and some not. Significant stress can impair our thinking, concentration, judgement, and therefore the relationships we have both in the personal and work arenas. Be smart, be proactive, seek guidance before trying to restore relationships that have gone sour, to avoid the growth of resentment, bitterness, disappointment or increases in alcohol consumption or other risky behaviours. Try not to let what is personal and valuable be unduly affected by stress which is beyond your normal capacity to cope – we all have a limit.

Anxiety Treatment

Nervousness and feeling tight in the stomach, het up or emotional can be a sign of a challenge, a difficulty that you are normally likely to overcome. However when you can’t or think you may not be able to; let us help reduce the severity, understand how to learn, practice and reap the benefits of putting into place the strategies and understandings that come with learning more about your body, its responses to fear and how to overcome that which is not life threatening to you or someone you love. Learn how your brain convinces you that life is catastrophic, unbearable, that you are unable to cope and your life is falling apart. Let us help you understand the process, build capacity and practice with you the strategies to manage your bodily responses and thus have an impact on your mind.

Depression Treatment

Sadness and tears are not welcome feelings but normal in many circumstances and at some times, however, when it feels they are too difficult, that they won’t go away and you want them to but can’t make it so - contact us for support, reassurance and together we will work with you towards building a productive, contented life, a life less sad in which to live. We need sad at times to know why we like happiness, they feel very different.

Personal Development

All of us can take a boost at times, some play golf and reduce stress while building networks, others build their bodies through sport or gym, and still others expand their minds by learning. What about learning more about your psychology, about your mind and how thinking happens, about emotional intelligence, about your social skills or deficits in any of these areas. Let us help in improving other areas you find more difficult and challenging.


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